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17 July 2008 @ 06:56 pm
My theories and thoughts on otherkin  
Ok... I'll admit it... I've been on and off again accepting/skeptical/wtf about the otherkin stuff in spite of dreaming/seeing wings on me and having some people see them too.

But everything I read rings so many damned bells with me that I seriously can't deny it. And all of the stuff points to something very interesting.

You know how people are magicians, they practice magick? Ok. I think that otherkin ARE magick. I think that their very existence, something in how they came to be born here is magickal. And those who have had "awakenings" basically flipped that switch, opened the damned fobwatch (woo-hoo Doctor Who ref FTW!! ^_^), and "let 'er rip".

So of course psychic shit comes naturally to them, happens to them, and stuffs. Couldn't tell ya about the other manifestations--other than I think we all sorta are tapped into something which resonates with our magickal natures on that level. I think that natural healers, lightworkers, et cetera of COURSE will be angelkin. That makes just too much sense. Angels are messengers/helpers of the divine, right?

My dad once told me he's part fae. I suspect that part of this is genetic or can be genetic. I couldn't say it's ENTIRELY genetic. I mean, I know people who consider themselves to be otherkin but their parents are (omgs please shoot me for using this term but I dunno how else to put it) "muggles".

This whole debate about whether or not otherkin are just people "trying to be special" sorta reminds me of the argument in some places on practicing magick or being mystics. Not all of us walk the same paths everyone else does, and I don't consider any of it good or bad or different or better or worse than anyone else. I think that everyone needs to follow their own True Will--provided that they are responsible in how they do so and that others are free to do the same.

I think that in time... maybe... perhaps... enough of us will evolve to the point where this sorta thing will be more commonplace. I'd truly love to think so. At the very least, I believe that if enough people believe that, it can happen. I think that to do otherwise is to cave in to the Nothing of the Neverending Story, doomed to be swallowed forever in lies and denials of the self.
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silussa on July 21st, 2008 01:08 am (UTC)
Re: on the subject of magic....
I don't think reality so much bends around us as we tend to subconsciously shape it.

I'm more a theoretician on the subject then a practitioner, but my theory is that reality is both physical and ideal...in other words, will can reshape it from the default.

The general ritual...incantation, incense, offerings, etc....that tend to be associated with magic are merely focusing tools; the "verbal, somantic, material" of much-despised D&D. However, there is no one given fixed relationship; red, for instance, may mean death to one person, but blood/lifegiving to someone in the medical profession. Some Wiccan sects(?) claim that you have to have a very specific method and preparation, whereas many of the elvin kin literally throw things together "on the fly", using whatever is handy at the moment.

I see no reason, theoretically, why magic...or psychic, I tend to put the two together...can't be practiced without any of the above, as long as one BELIEVES.

I think belief comes pretty naturally to someone who has accepted their soul isn't human.

Oh, and to define what I mean by the term....magic is any method of interacting with the environment around you using nonphysical means.
~* Aliael *~starry_wings on July 21st, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Re: on the subject of magic....

This hit me the other day. This is why belief is possible. It renders the most simple, basic and utterly weak ritual IMMENSELY POWERFUL. Any tool can become something vast.

That's...impressionable. I don't know how else to put it.

I like your definition. Another of mine is "poking at reality with a stick to see how it reacts, and using it for useful purposes." ^_^
silussa on July 21st, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Re: on the subject of magic....
That sounds more like a Baxil definition.



If you don't know him....you should. Really.

~* Aliael *~starry_wings on July 21st, 2008 01:57 am (UTC)
Re: on the subject of magic....
Oh neat. ^_^ I should friend him and chat.

My main reason for being involved in magick is exploratory. I believe in exploring reality and its supposed boundaries and limitations--and challenging them whenever possible.

Not everyone's cup of tea but it is mine.